I’m Steven Goldsmith and the writing bug bit me more than thirty years ago when I wasn’t looking, and the virus it introduced into my system has remained active ever since. At first, the signs and symptoms of this infection consisted of letters and articles that I wrote for professional journals in the fields of psychiatry and alternative medicine.

There was also the singular fever spike of inspiration that I suffered on a transcontinental flight, when for the first and only time I composed haiku, two of which were published (Second Coming literary magazine, Summer, 1973).

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Steven Goldsmith - Author

Welcome to my author’s site

I hope you enjoy my writings — fiction and nonfiction, books and blog posts. Despite my medical background, this is a site not of advice but ideas. Although my nonfiction often targets matters of at least tangential relevance to health, illness, and health care, I deploy these topics as springboards from which to plunge into deeper waters; and as lenses through which together we can perceive broader truths about humanity, society, and nature. 

Some, not least among them my agent and publishers, may feel that my combination of fiction and nonfiction will confuse readers, blur my brand. But I believe that the relationship between fiction and nonfiction is not adversarial but symbiotic. 

Existing as literary Yin and Yang, they define each others parameters yet flip over into  their opposite with the continuity of a Mobius strip when we stress their limits. The writer of fiction recruits the imagination in order to discover truths too universal or profound to be apprehended through a mere reportage of facts. 

Good nonfiction, conversely, can commandeer facts to reveal truths so seemingly improbable that they beggar our capacities to fabricate them and, in so doing, permits us to perceive the world afresh. I attempt to do both.

Enjoy and be well,

Steven Goldsmith